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  • Therapeutic massage by a licensed, compassionate, experienced  practitioner helps you mentally detach from all that keeps you on edge.  Massage can bring balance to your mood and revitalize your energy. It  promotes better sleep quality, decreases stress, and may assist in  lowering high blood pressure and inflammation. Choose to take care of yourself and your health by scheduling a massage today.
  • I, Donna Gardner, have been a licensed massage therapist in the  Parker, CO area for eight years. I have two beautiful children and I  love to hike, swim, volunteer, and spend time with my border collie. I  believe in providing a unique massage for each individual. Stress can  affect people in many different ways, and by going slowly and listening  to my customers, I can give the best massage to rejuvenate the body and  mind.
  • I have several different methods to help you manage your stress and  improve your well-being including: hot stone massage, sports massage,  deep tissue massage, and reflexology. Reflexology is a body work  technique in which the therapist applies pressure to specific points on  the hands and feet to reduce blockages in related organs and tissues.   Reflexology treatments are excellent for relaxation, reducing insomnia,  and assisting with symptoms of planter fasciitis.
  • Call me today to discuss the best treatment for you and to schedule an appointment.

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