Professional Massage Services

Just as people are affected by different stressors, different massages can help in unique stress management situations. I always listen closely to you and help you identify the best massage to relieve your pain.

A very common massage customers often choose is a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage targets the entire body, and can decrease muscle toxins that cause discomfort and tension. Swedish massages also invigorate your body and improve circulation, and they are a great option to help with daily aches, pain, and stress.

Deep tissue massages, however, usually involve more pressure than a Swedish massage. Deep tissue massages can help with significant pain and stress, including injuries.

Hot stone massages bring heat to affected muscles and encourage those muscles to relax. The stones allow for a deeper relaxation and can enhance a deep tissue or Swedish massage.

For those in the Parker, CO area who participate in any athletic activity, a sports massage can both improve performance and help heal sports injuries. Athletes are hard on their bodies, and a sports massage targets those muscles athletes tax the most.

Here are the services that I offer:

Hands and Feet are sensory organs. Reflexology works through a sensory loop beginning with the hands and feet. Through touch in specific areas, messages are sent through  the nervous system, to affect changes in related body system and organs. Reflexology can enhance sleep quality, reduce anxiety and promote wellness.  $50 per session or $185 for a package of four session.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Gentle rhythmic body work that facilitates the body’s natural toxin elimination in tissues

  • Reduces edema
  • Clears sinuses
  • Reduces post-operative swelling

Swedish Massage: A relaxing but invigorating massage intended to relax tight muscles, enhance circulation and remove toxins

Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Massage: Intended to decrease adhesion in your connective tissue. This deep work locates and resolves trigger points, and releases muscle tension. May assist in injury recovery.

Hot Stone Massage: Experience the deep relaxation from hot stone therapy which involves the therapist using sterilized, heated basalt stones in gliding movement and strategic placement for an enhanced treatment. Additional $15.00 charge for Hot Stone Massage.

Sports Massage: Intended to lengthen short muscles and restore muscle energy. Can prepare the body for a sporting event, or help you recover from an athletic event and maximize flow in the Chakra system.

Polarity Therapy / Energy Work: Intended to enhance the energy flow in the body and maximize flow in chakras system. You may elect a full hour session or to incorporate this work in twenty minute increments in your massage session.

Pricing For All Massages:
55 minutes – $65.00
90 minutes – $90.00

Add 15 minutes of Reflexology to massage – additional $ 15.00
Hot Stone Massage – additional $10.00

All sessions incorporate complimentary aromatherapy.