1.Will I undress completely for my massage?

Yes, I will leave your private room allowing you to undress to your level of comfort. I will respect the boundaries you ask for and you will be draped professionally during your massage. For sport massage you may wear sports attire.

2. I had a massages that left me in pain the next day. Will your massage hurt?

NO, I will communicate with you about pressure and will adjust to your level of comfort.

3.What discounts are available?

Two discounts are available. First time clients who book in advance receive a ten dollar discount and repeat bookings are discounted at 5%.

4.What types of lotions do you use and what if I am allergic?

I use various lotions depending on your needs. Please list your allergies and concerns on the intake questionnaire and I will avoid any lotions that might cause you an allergic reaction. For example: Avoiding nut oils if you have a nut allergy.